Zeal ZeTurbo Extreme 5W40 CK-4 is an extra high performance diesel engine oil formulated with highly refined base stocks and advanced technology additives to provide reliable engine performance in the latest emission designs.  It may be used in naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel & petrol engines and on & Off-highway applications, providing excellent protection even under the most strenuous conditions.

Product Description & Specifications


  • Improved fuel economy & easy cold starts due to good fluidity at low temperatures.
  • Reduces power robbing friction across engine speeds and conditions
  • High resistant oil film even at high engine operating temperatures.
  • Excellent detergency and dispersancy, reduces sludge formation which improves engine cleanliness.
  • Excellent oxidation & thermal stability, helps in extending oil drain intervals.
  • Superior wear protection for greater engine reliability and performance.



Zeal ZeTurbo Extreme 5W40 CK-4 meets or exceeds following International and Builder specifications:

  • API  CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, SN, SM, SL
  •  ACEA E9/E7-16
  • VOLVO VDS-4.5
  • MACK EOS-4.5/FORD WSS-M2C171-F1
  • CUMMINS CES 20086



Zeal ZeTurbo Extreme 5W40 CK-4 is suitable for use in,

  • Automotive gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks and vans.
  • Moderate duty LPG vehicles.
  • Suitable for all petrol engines with multi-valve & turbo types and with or without catalytic converter.
  • Naturally aspirated or turbo-charged diesel engines in cars and light vans.
  • Fuel injected or indirect injection diesel engines fitted with blow-by recirculation systems.



 Zeal zeturbo extreme Test Method Units 5W-40
Density @ 15 0C ASTM D 4052 gm/cc 0.850
Viscosity @ 100 0C ASTM D 445 cSt 14.8
Viscosity @ 40 0C ASTM D 445 cSt 91.3
Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 170
CCS Viscosity ASTM D 5293 Cp @ -30°C 5980
Pour Point ASTM D 97 °C -39
Flash Point (COC) ASTM D 92 °C 218
Total Base Number ASTM D 2896 mg KOH/g 9.6
Sulfated Ash ASTM D 874 % wt 0.9

These characteristics are typical of current product methods whilst future production will confirm to Zeal lubricants specifications,

variations in these physical characteristics may occur.

Data Sheet & MSDS

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