Zeal Pioneer Grease Ca-MP 2 & Ca-MP 3

Zeal ZeMarine Guard 6 series is a range of high performance marine multipurpose system oils formulated with high quality paraffinic base stocks and balanced additive system to ensure optimum performance and excellent protection in low speed, high output cross head marine engines, operating on residual fuels. It has sufficient alkalinity to neutralize any strong acidic combustion products which may enter into the crankcase and it demonstrates high load carrying ability under severe operating conditions.

Product Description & Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Improved oxidation & thermal stability reduces deposits build up in crankcase & piston cooling spaces and facilitates better piston cooling efficiency.
  •  Good resistance to the action of water and separation capability improves oil life and provides effective lubrication even in presence of water.
  •  Excellent filtration and centrifuging capabilities.
  •  Excellent resistance to rust & corrosion enhances bearing life.
  •  Excellent TBN reserves provide improved neutralization of strong acids, formed due to the burning of high sulfur fuels entering inside the system, which helps in keeping the crankcase & circulation tanks cleaner.


Data Sheet & MSDS

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