Zeal ZeTrans EP series of lubricants are high-performance heavy duty gear oils, formulated from high-quality base oils and an advanced additive system. These lubricants are designed for automotive heavy-duty transmissions, axles and final drives.  Moreover, these oils are specially engineered for heavy-duty axles and final drives where extreme pressures and shock loadings are expected.

Product Description & Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional thermal & oxidation stability protects against deposit formation and oil thickening, thus maintains the life and performance of lubricant and transmission.
  •  Outstanding anti-wear properties and excellent film strength provides exceptional equipment protection, that not only results in fewer breakdowns but also helps improve transmission efficiency.
  •  Excellent rust and corrosion protection for longer component life.
  •  Compatibility with seals and gaskets, leads to minimize oil leakage and reduced contamination.


Zeal ZeTrans EP series meets or exceeds following International and Builder specifications:

  •  API GL-5
  •  MIL-L-2105D (U.S Military Specification)


Zeal ZeTrans EP series are suitable for use in all Passenger cars, On-highway light and heavy duty trucks, and commercial vehicles.

  •  Suitable for Heavy duty manual transmissions, axles and final drives requiring API GL-5 level performance.
  •  Applications like Off-highway industries including: construction, mining, quarrying, and agriculture.
  •  Other heavy-duty industrial and automotive applications, involving hypoid gears operating under conditions where high speed/shock load, high speed/low torque, and/or low speed/high torque exists.

Typical Characteristics

Zeal ZeTrans EP Test Method Units 90 140 80W90 85W90 85W140
Density @ 15 °C ASTM D 4052 gm/cc 0.890 0.910 0.888 0.890 0.908
Viscosity @ 40 °C ASTM D 445 cSt 145 447 146 190 356
Viscosity @ 100 °C ASTM D 445 cSt 14.3 30.0 14.7 17.4 25.6
Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 96 95 100 97 95
Pour Point ASTM D 97 °C -12 -9 -24 -24 -15
Flash Point (COC) ASTM D 92 °C 240 260 230 236 248
Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D 130 1B 1B 1B 1B 1B
Foam Seq I,II,III ASTM D 892 ml/ml 10/0 20/0 10/0 10/0 20/0
Phosphorus ASTM D 4951 %wt 0.055 0.055 0.055 0.055 0.055

The above figures are typical of blends with normal production tolerance and do not constitute a specification.

Data Sheet & MSDS

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